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MySpace: Living in an International World

The internet has truly created connections between billions of people on this planet. E-mails are sent from the United States to Bombay, India in a matter of seconds. People from Italy can talk to their best friends in Germany through the use of instant messaging. With the internet, a Chinese family traversing the mountains of Australia can send their vacation pictures to their loved ones back at home. Online dating has allowed couples to meet at rates never seen before. Imagine if there was something out there that combines all these magnificent applications of the internet. If you wished it, then you got it because MySpace puts together all the wonderful applications of the internet into a nice neat package., better known simply as MySpace, is a social networking website with an interactive network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults. MySpace is so popular that it is used internationally. MySpace is very easy to use and the process of setting up an account is simple. The user is always in control of his or her MySpace account. What makes MySpace so great? It has to be the features that allow people to socialize over the Internet.

With MySpace people can put up their own profile pictures for other viewers to see. In order to make friends through MySpace, users simply view other people’s profiles and send those people friend requests. MySpace users can choose to accept or deny a friend request. There are no limits to the amount of friends a person can make on MySpace. With friends, people can post comments on their friends’ profiles. You can also send private messages with the use of MySpace messaging or MySpace chat which functions as an instant messenger.

One of the most notable aspects of MySpace is the ability to customize your profile. Many other social networks on the internet do not have this useful feature. Customizing your profile is almost like decorating your room. You can add all kinds of backgrounds and graphics to your profiles. People can also add music files to their profiles that viewers automatically hear when they view the profile. MySpace users can also post videos on their profiles and if they desire they may display personal information. These are just a few of the most popular features of MySpace. The way you customize your MySpace is entirely up to you and reflects your personality and interests. MySpace takes socializing to the next level and creates endless possibilities.


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